Why Stretching is Important

Stretching prior to athletic activity is very important for a number of reasons. Its helps to improve flexibility, it assists in correct posture, it decreases injury and it also increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles. Many people avoid stretching because they believe it to be boring or not worth the time and effort. This is far from the truth. Stretching is very beneficial and can be the key to maintaining a healthy body and to feel young and vibrant. Whether a person is going to work out, play a sport, or exercise within your home, stretching should
always be apart of the workout. 

Even professional and Olympic player understand the value of stretching.

The first benefit of stretching is that it improves flexibility. Many athletic maneuvers require muscles to operate in their full range. If muscles are tight and cannot move joints completely, maximum power in sports motions cannot be achieved. Running, jumping, and throwing requires, many muscles to work in unison and stretching allows them to work most effectively Another benefit of stretching is that it allows muscles to lengthen so correct posture can be achieved. Maintaining posture is not only important in everyday life but in sports activities as well. Sports require specific form to be maintained in order to maximize the movement. If a quarterback is off balance, his throw will not be as powerful.

If a basketball player does not extend his arm fully on a jump shot, the chances of success will decrease. Correct posture and form is important to athletic and everyday life. When a person stretches, their muscles loosen up and become better prepared for the exercises
and movements demanded by their routine like lifting weights, running, or shooting a basketball. When you stretch, you are allowing your muscles to move with ease through a variety of movements. T he third benefit of stretching is reducing injuries. As the muscles resist the movement because of tightness, injury can occur. That day at the gym can be over before it begun without proper stretching. Stretching before and even after an exercise can cause the body to pull on the muscles that have or will be used . Therefore, it decreases the risk of injury. When a muscle tears , that is when injuries occur. If a person jumps into an exercise routine without the proper stretching, it creates a high risk for a tear to happen. Finally, stretching can bring vital nutrients and blood flow to muscles. Muscles operate efficiently when they have proper blood flow. Stretching brings blood flow and gives muscles a chance to prepare for an upcoming activity. Also, stretching after exercise can ease muscle soreness by release the lactic acid that builds in muscle. The blood flow is able to bring fresh blood and circulate the old including the lactic acid. Stretching should be incorporated into any good exercise program as well as prior and after an athletic event. The benefits of flexibility, posture, injury prevention, and blood flow are great. Athletics and nonathletes will give their body the proper care by stretching. ☼

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