Survey Results

Ashlynn's Diet Survey

Gathered data data for my senior product. Over 20 individuals completed survey.  The survey was distributed to friends and family via direct message and social media. The deadline to reply was November 10, 2019. 

1 %
Happy with body weight

60 % unhappy

1 %
Currently on Diet

Gave addidtional information on the types of diets including No Carb, Low Carb and South Beach.

1 %
Diet Showing Results

Diets typically work while engaged.

1 %
How long on Diet

28.57% said they plan on being on a diet for greater 1 year.

Another 28.57% stated 3 months.

1 %
Have Been on Diet Ever

Respondents stated they have tried no carb, Atkins, South Beach and high protein.

1 %
Lost 5 - 10 pounds

90% lost 10 or less pounds.